How to Build a Career in Blockchain Development

If you're interested in blockchain technology and know how to code, you're in luck. The demand for blockchain developers has never been higher.

According to, demand for blockchain engineers has increased by 400% in the past year alone. The industry has grown to $2.5 billion in size and is expected to explode to $23.3 billion in size by 2023.

Building a career in blockchain development may be easier than you think. Here are some tips on how to get started and build a successful career in this exciting field.

Learn the Basics of Blockchain Technology

Before you start building blockchain applications, it's essential to have a good understanding of what blockchain technology is and how it works. This includes understanding the underlying cryptographic principles, consensus algorithms, distributed network architectures, and smart contracts.

Several good online resources offer blockchain courses and certifications. Platforms such as Coursera, Udacity, and edX offer courses on blockchain programming, blockchain architecture, and blockchain for business.

Don't forget to follow blockchain news and research new projects on social media. Stay up-to-date and learn from the best blockchain developers.

Choose the Right Language

Most blockchain development frameworks' core language is Solidity, which is based on JavaScript. Thus having a good grasp of JavaScript is fundamental. Having a strong background in other programming languages such as C++, Java, or Python may be an advantage as well.

Other languages such as Golang, RUST, and Kotlin are also becoming increasingly popular. Familiarize yourself with these newer languages to stay ahead of the competition.

Gain Practical Experience

The best way to understand blockchain application development is to get to work on a live blockchain application. Working on a public blockchain like Ethereum or Bitcoin can give you real-world experience that goes beyond book knowledge.

Try building smart contracts or DApps (Decentralized Applications) on platforms like Remix, Truffle, OpenZeppelin, and more. These platforms offer the opportunity to test and experiment in a sandbox environment.

Submitting your DApps to online repositories such as dApp list, Dapp Radar, and DappReview can also give you added exposure.

Join Blockchain Communities

Join communities and engage with others within the blockchain industry. It's one of the best ways to stay up to date with the latest news, get insights into the industry, and network with peers.

Join several blockchain communities such as Ethereum, Cardano, EOS, and more. Follow the latest social media trends and find the best crypto influencers to connect with.

Get active and participate in forums, chats, and open-source projects. You can gain knowledge and build your reputation within the community by helping others.

Attend Blockchain Events

Attending blockchain events and conferences can help you build your network and knowledge even further. Events such as Devcon, Consensus, and CoinDesk offer excellent opportunities to hear from the industry's most influential players.

You'll be able to learn from industry leaders, attend workshops, and network with blockchain professionals. Most blockchain events have the latest job openings displayed.

Keep Exploring New Technologies

The growth of blockchain-based solutions is staggering, and new applications are continually being developed. Staying up-to-date with new technologies and their applications can give you a huge career advantage.

As newer blockchain protocols emerge, familiarize yourself with them to be ahead of the curve. Newer blockchains like Polkadot, Near Protocol, and Avalanche have recently been gaining popularity.

Build on Your Soft Skills

Apart from technical expertise, having a focus on interaction, communication, and project management proficiency is essential. Blockchain development has several team roles, including team leaders, architects, and business developers.

Having excellent interpersonal skills will allow you to build relationships with other developers, executives, and clients. Make sure to develop and hone your presentation and communication skills essential for rising to the top.

Find the Best Blockchain Jobs

Getting more blockchain job opportunities can be challenging. Many job seekers jump at the first offer, while it is essential to find the best blockchain jobs to suit your desired career path.

BlockchainJob is a top job board app for Blockchain employment opportunities. Explore various blockchain jobs include blockchain developers, engineers, architects, senior executives, and more.

The app has integrated AI technology that ensures that the best blockchain jobs are displayed. You can receive job alerts straight to your email and resume recommendations.


Blockchain development has come a long way, and its growth shows no sign of slowing down. To succeed as a blockchain developer, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve your knowledge and skills.

By following these simple tips and regularly using a reliable job board app such as BlockchainJobs, you will be well on your way to building a successful career in blockchain development.

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